What’s On

There is quite a bit going on at Southampton NAVS this term whether it be group Bible studies, all together NAV nights or some of the more socially orientated trips and opportunities. Please do read on to find our more about what we are up to or check out our pages and updates on social media.

The SotonNAVS Team

We aim to have a couple of Sunday lunches during each term. In addition there are a whole host of other things that go on outside our regular meetings, including lads’ sauna nights, film nights, girl time etc. We encourage you to invite others to join them in what people are doing with friends.

We also believe in the value of life-on-life discipleship and would love to get to know you better. If you are interested (or we haven’t chased you down so far) please do speak to one of our team to find our more.

Who is welcome?

All students are very welcome whether from Southampton or Solent University! There are no restrictions on age, gender, background, football team or any other weird and wonderful categorisation you can think of. We also have some graduates who serve on our Leadership Team and are involved with helping to lead groups, organisation and discipling students

Regular Events

We meet every Thursday during term time at the home of the McClure’s (i.e. 53 Harefield Road, SO17 3TG) but keep an eye out on social media for any last minute changes. On these evenings we alternate between big group meetings (a.k.a. NAV nights) and small group Bible studies.

NAV Nights: These times of being together as a big group will be times when we eat, sing, pray and learn together about what it means to be wholehearted followers of Jesus and what it means to be co-workers with Him amongst our friends. Typically on these evenings we will eat together before spending some time in sung worship and then someone will share interactively with the group.

Small Group Bible Study / Discussion Groups: In the alternate weeks we get together in small groups. Currently these all happen in the same place so rather than stay together for the main meeting we split down into smaller groups. These times allow us to go deeper with a smaller, fixed group of people. Typically we study part of the Bible together and spend some time praying together. If you come to one of our meetings we will endeavour to get you plugged into one as soon as we can.